Airline Reservations and Management Software

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Reservations and Sales Features

SMART™ Solutions: Features and Benefits

Leading airlines require a diversified distribution strategy to increase revenues.  Zapways’ solution comprises a comprehensive set of reservations and sales features, including direct sales options via the Web and call centers, GDS connectivity, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to Web portals, code-share services, and ancillary sales capabilities.


flight search
cash drawer
agents portal

Ancillary Product Sales

    • Baggage, entertainment, food, etc.
    • Product up-sales, inventory control

Customer Data Repository and Profiles

    • Track booking and flight activity at the customer level

Call Center Support

    • Frequent Flyer account management, history, and bookings
    • Passenger notification tools
    • No-shows, cancels, refunds, exchanges

Distribution Channels

    • Direct sales from web site
    • GDS sales, Web portals
    • Travel agents, corporate accounts, sales offices

eTicketing, PNR Booking, Reservations

    • Industry standard eTicket, reservation, and PNR formats
    • Flight search, price comparison, online booking, seat selection, sales, ticketing

Fare Management

    • Comprehensive support for fares, fees, taxes, promos, upsales, etc
    • Multi-currency support

Frequent Flyer and Reward Programs

    • Customer status recognition
    • Partnership (e.g., Bank) Rewards Programs, Card Exports

GDS, Code-share, Interline

    • Supports SITA Type A and Type B messaging
    • Integrate with third party APIs

PNR Data

    • Real-time view of booking flow and payment status per PNR
    • Real-time access to each individual check-in record online

Sales Transaction Detail & Summary Reports

    • Real-time transactions by channel

Travel Agency and Corporate Accounts

    • Account Management: credit limits, commissions, invoices, payment, etc.
    • Agency Billing and Collections (BSP)

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