Airline Reservations and Management Software

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Features and Benefits

Flight-Insight™ Features and Benefits


The system has been designed to provide critical data for decision-making in a stream-lined, intuitive, user interface.


Key Features Benefits
Real-time flight status.
Provides management with constant, real-time overview of operations, with ability to change pricing, crew, equipment, etc. as needed.
Critical operating metrics and financial performance by segment, market, aircraft, etc. Allows management to make decisions based on current and historical operating and financial information.
Integrated flight, passenger, employee, fleet, equipment and financial information in one system.
One source for all critical information. Unified, integrated system can support and promote company culture and brand.
Scales easily to accommodate growth.
Allows managers to continually adapt and innovate in step with evolving needs and conditions. Add routes, aircraft, and ancillary revenue products as needed.
Ability to interface with legacy distribution, accounting and other systems.
Leverage past investment and support industry partnerships.
Ability to both use and bypass traditional distribution channels, and grow Internet-based direct sales.

Exploit multi-channel distribution opportunities. Shift sales to lower cost online distribution.
Centralized customer data.

Ability to create effective marketing campaigns and targeted customer promotions.
Internet self-service features such as e-ticketing, online exchanges and advance boarding passes.

Ease of use, cost-savings, and real-time passenger information.
Automated processes in traditional distribution channels such as travel agency communications and management.
Reduce cost of sales; increase control over channels.
Revenue management for a variety of sales channels and products: Internet sales and check-in; kiosk sales and check-in; online ticketing; e-ticketing; baggage check-in and sales; cargo sales; entertainment sales, etc. Design revenue models that offer a broader range of service attributes and sales locations.
Customize-able Internet booking features for travel agencies and corporations.

Reduce cost of sales; increase revenues.

Travel-related sales for merchandise, entertainment and ancillary products.

Increase revenues.
Comprehensive HR/employee tools and functions. Automated hiring, employee review, payroll processes, etc.

Manage organizational architectures and internal processes more efficiently. Reduce costs.
Automated inventory controls and purchasing processes. Reduce the cost of coordinating and transacting business throughout the airline’s supply chain.


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