Airline Reservations and Management Software

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Fleet Management and Maintenance Features

SMART™ Solutions: Features and Benefits

Integration of flight operations, technical records, leases, planning and logistics provides accurate, timely and reliable information at the fingertips of the entire maintenance organization.

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Aircraft Information Management System

    • Airframe, APU, engine, landing gear, etc.
    • Real-time hours and cycle log usage reports, engine LLP status
    • Maintenance event and task management

Contract Management

    • Lease compliance & reporting
    • Maintenance & service agreements
    • Online document management

E-Inventory (w/min-max levels)

    • Parts availability tracking, min-max reorder quantity
    • OAG vendor directory
    • Multiple warehouse support

E-Purchasing w/vendor interface

    • Integrated material request processing
    • Automated Purchase Orders

Fuel Uplift Analysis

    • Automated use confirmation
    • Fuel vendor interface and audits
    • Forecasts fuel requirements and efficiency from historical data

Maintenance Scheduling

    • Maintenance planning and real-time task management

Utilization Management

    • Real-time monitoring of hour/cycle ratios

Vendor Management

    • Directory, orders, electronic invoicing

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