Airline Reservations and Management Software

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Flight Operations Features

SMART™ Solutions: Features and Benefits

flight search
mobileagents portal
ground handling

Baggage Management

    • Baggage tracking, PIR, and claims processing

Cargo Management, Reporting, Billing

    • Integrated cargo function reduces ‘per unit’ cost of processing

Crew Management & Scheduling

    • Flight crew roster creation, work schedule pairing and tracking
    • Automated tracking of flight/duty time, certifications, expiry warnings
    • Crew Allowances

Departure Control System

    • Passenger check-in and boarding control
    • Web-based application, KIOSK check-in, mobile device applications
    • Interface with airport departure control systems

Flight Inventory Management

    • Flight schedule management
    • Single screen view to manage pricing and seat inventory for all flights

Flight Operating Data

    • Key performance indicators: Yield, SF, RPK, ASK, etc.
    • Real-time flight and segment analysis

Flight Status Information

    • Real-time flight situation reporting
    • Passenger list, cargo manifest, fuel uplift, departure/arrival details

Ground Handling Information

    • GPU, AC vans, air start, tractors, trolleys, stairs, cleaning, catering, etc.
    • Equipment use analysis

Security Integration

    • Support for government security requirements: APIS, eBorders(UK)

Third Party Systems Support

    • Supports SITA Type A and Type B messaging
    • Integrate with third party APIs
    • Flight data import & export

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