Airline Reservations and Management Software

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Finance Features

SMART™ Solutions: Features and Benefits


Accounting System Interface

    • Data import/export, API integration
    • Real-time revenue accounting
    • Purchase request, PO generation, and order fulfillment

Agency Billing and Collections (BSP)

    • Automated invoicing to travel agencies
    • Custom BSP solutions for developing markets

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Cash Status – Cash Drawers

    • Deposits, payments, transfers, adjustments, audits
    • Daily reconciliation

Check-in Agent Cash Receipts

Credit Card Payment Processing

    • Real-time payment processing
    • Utilize multiple payment gateways for redundancy

Credit Limits Management

    • Travel agents, corporate accounts, etc.

Graphical Reporting Tools

Multi-Currency Enabled

Payment Authorizations

    • E-Purchasing w/ vendor interface
    • Integrated material request processing
    • Automated Purchase Orders

Performance Metrics

    • Real-time reporting and data feeds, customized metrics
    • Profitability analysis; by market / sector / flight / aircraft / etc.

Tax Management & Reporting

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